Hooray! Apple implemented my iPod Shuffle idea!

11 March 2009

You read it here first! A iPod Shuffle that tells you what track you’re listening too:

Making the iPod shuffle perfect

The Voiceover feature in the new 4GB Shuffle iPod is pretty much exactly what I suggested in a blog entry last March:

Ideally, it’d be good to be able to press some button combination to hear [the track name] when you want to know what you’re listening to.

Of course, I think it’s a pretty obvious idea for anyone who uses a Shuffle on public transport, or while walking or running, and is aware of text-to-speech capabilities. But I did submit the idea to directly to Apple too, so who knows, perhaps it helped persuade them to implement it.

(If so, Apple guys, a free one would be nice!)


How to make bankers behave

21 October 2008

With the threat of a total collapse of the banking system receding, attention should be turning to stopping events like the credit crunch triggering a similar crisis.

In the UK, there’s been much (empty) talk of stopping bonuses but it seems to me there’s another approach: change the rules so that bonuses not only have to be paid entirely in shares, but that the shares cannot be cashed in for at least 20 years.