19 December 2007

Remember that scene in the Witches of Eastwick? When the religious nutter projectile-vomits cherries? Some do.

Well, that was me, recently. Minus the cherry stones but plus a few carrots. I did feel so much better afterwards, compared with beforehand, but I haven’t had such a nasty bout of food poisoning or gastric flu, whatever it was, in decades. It pole-axed me for two days.

Anyway, now well behind on all fronts, but I hope to write some more cheery (sorry) festive entries soon.

Update: looks like I had a bad bout of norovirus. Probably especially bad because I already had a cold


The missing link

15 November 2007

All the excitement in the science blogosphere about the Judgment Day documentary on the Dover trial of evolution vs “intelligent design” led me to this post.

It’s ancient by blog standards, but a nicely written piece about yet another transitional fossil.

Climate hoax

13 November 2007

You’ve got to love this hoax – a fake scientific paper claiming bacteria are to blame for the recent climate change (in the long term, of course, they have caused massive climate change).

My favourite bit: a reference to a paper on the “Miocene, Pliocene and Plasticine fossil records”.

Quite a few bloggers and some mainstream media fell for it. But I’m not sure whether it achieved the desired effect.

After all, the scientists were never going to be taken in. It’s the media and the blogosphere who fell for it, and you can’t help wondering how many eco-campaigners would fall for the opposite kind of hoax.

And the trouble is that now the climate deniers who leapt on the story have gone silent, and the believers are now whooping. I wonder if many people who heard about it on the radio, for instance, will ever discover it’s a fake.

I think the hoaxers should have been braver and made it less obviously a hoax. That way it would have been an even bigger story.