Making the iPod shuffle perfect

I like the iPod Shuffle. I especially like the fact that you can use it without ever having to look at it. When you spend a big part of your day dodging fellow commuters on busy trains and streets, you know how annoying it is when people bump into you because they’re staring at a mobile or iPod screen. As a music player, I really do prefer it to its bigger brethren, including the iPhone. 

That said, there are times when I would like to know what I’m listening to. And it seems to me there’s a simple way Apple or another software developer could make it happen: use Leopard’s built-in Text to Speech software to generate a short, small MP3 or AAC sound file naming the song title, artist and album for each track on the Shuffle. 

Ideally, it’d be good to be able to press some button combination to hear  this sound file when you want to know what you’re listening to. But it would be even simply to add the name, track and album speech file to the beginning or end of each track when songs are transferred to an iPod Shuffle. It wouldn’t be that difficult to do. Would it?


3 Responses to Making the iPod shuffle perfect

  1. jim says:

    that sounds like a pretty good idea. I think itd be better if they did it as optional key combination though. I use mine mostly at the gym and having the song name pronounced involutarily might get annoying when im just trying to survive the treadmill. But yeah something holding play for 3 seconds and then song name gets said would be awesome.
    If any of the readers dont have one yet, i got mine about 2 months ago from, it ended up costing me only $3 cause all i had to do was a couple free trials. The site is actually legit and i would high recommend it for anyone that doesnt have one. That being said im also really happy they made a 2 gig. Getting that one for my brother.

  2. Cowhide says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Cowhide.

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