American Non-Thinker

I don’t know much about the site called American Thinker. What I do know is that if they publish pieces like this, by idiots like him, that a name change is clearly called for.

To spare you from damaging your brain by looking at this yourself, this is how the writer describes himself:

Sensible people don’t want to live in dangerous times. But solutions do not come from denial. They come from facing facts, thinking about them and taking proper actions. I am a scientist, writer and policy consultant.

And this is what he writes:

Unfortunately for [the International Herald Tribune], nobody has proven that CO2 is a “greenhouse gas” on the real Planet Earth, as opposed to laboratory jars. So the IHT just smuggles in the inference with the scare words “greenhouse gas.

A scientist? I don’t think so. Facing facts? How much further from facing facts could you be?

The evidence that CO2 is a greenhouse gas is overwhelming. Sure, it’s complicated. But people really should acquaint themselves with at least the basic facts before spouting such utter nonsense.


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