Tell us what your products do

The recent birth of my son was a great excuse to buy some new toys – a new digital camera and my first videocam as well.

It certainly wasn’t an easy choice, given the bewildering array of options with their various pros and cons. Matters weren’t helped by the often sparse information given out by manufacturers.

Perhaps those of us who are relatively techno-savvy and want to know exactly what it is the various gadgets we’re thinking of buying can and can’t do are the exception. Nevertheless, you’d think manufacturers would give you the full details of their products somewhere. But no, even tech specs are often lacking.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the amazingly detailed reviews of cameras now available on the web, making an informed choice would have been just about impossible. Sites like and imaging resource were invaluable.

But if I thought camera makers were bad, I had a shock coming. Our long-misbehaving microwave is on its final legs, yet trying to find out even the most basic facts about those now on offer is virtually impossible.

Panasonic seemed like a good choice, with its inverter technology and good write-ups. So I identified a couple of Panasonic models that looked promising and went to Panasonic UK to find out more. Its site doesn’t even give you the measurements for the latest models, let alone anything else.

That’s not all. Its compare-models website function doesn’t work for most models. The photographs are too small to show what the controls do. Manuals aren’t available for recent models.

I could go on and on, but I’m sure the sort of person who reads this kind of blog will have felt similarly frustrated. Just tell us what the bloody things you’re selling do!

I ended up going into a shop to see the microwaves in the flesh. The shop in question turned out not to have any of the relevant models on display despite advertising them for sale….


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