The low IQ group we should worry about

James Watson’s comments about the intelligence of Africans have got a lot of attention.

What I find strange is the focus on the relative abilities of black people when there is a group of people with rather low IQs who we should be worrying about rather more.

Why? Because while most developed nations have successfully marginalised black people, this group has slowly and insidiously inveigled its way into the top echelons of society. They have taken control of just about every aspect of society, from the media to business to the highest level of politics. Their dimwittedness and inability to appreciate the threat posed by, say, climate change, is probably the gravest threat the world faces today.

Who are these people? Let’s define them as anyone older than you. That’s right. Old people.

There can be no doubt that the Flynn effect is real: IQ rates have risen over the years in just about every society, by as much as 21 points in just 30 years. An average person today would have been regarded as highly gifted just a few decades ago and, conversely, the gifted of yesteryear are average compared with today’s youth.

The conclusion is inescapable: the 50, 60 or 70 year olds who run just about every important institutions are mentally stunted and impaired. Clearly a purge is called for.

What’s that you say? Maybe the elusive g factor isn’t every it’s cracked up to be? Maybe there’s more to IQ than heredity?

The point is this. Either IQ tests are not a true measure of intelligence or your parents and grandparents are intellectually impaired because of what can only be environmental factors. Whichever you believe, it means we cannot jump to conclusions about to what extent the IQs of the various different African peoples are genetic. Yet many people have already jumped to conclusions.

And we should still be worried about those wrinklies, of course…


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